30 May 2022

Under the Dark of the Moon / Back to the story of Brynna Alexander, Welsh vampire and author, and the fight against the cult that wants to kill her. Moving forward slowly. Slow progress is better than no progress. This is the way.



EarthGov Security Special Agent Kevin Martin and his partner, Probationary Agent Rachael (Rae) Mercer, thought they had been assigned an open-and-shut case. A murder had been committed on the colony of Haven and local law enforcement already had a suspect in custody, with enough evidence to ensure a conviction. Things begin to spin out of control when Rae is severely beaten and Kevin is accused of the attack. Who is trying to stop the murder investigation? What is connection between the suspect and the victim? How does the secret Rae is keeping tie into it?

Rae is available as ebook from Smashwords, ebook and paperback from Amazon, $2.99/$5.99

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On A Cold Wind

On A Cold Wind

The story of Caralynn (Carly) Adrasteia, an agent of EarthGov Security in the late twenty-second century, begins. As an Enhanced Human, a group of humans engineered to have superior physical and mental abilities, she is subject to hatred and discrimination while continuing to work for the improvement of her people’s situation. Along with her partner, Special Agent Murphy Greenfield, she is assigned to track down two escaped criminals who threaten a newly established colony. One of the criminals, Efhram Bartok, is also an Enhanced Human who wants to incite a revolution and lead the Enhanced Humans to freedom. There is a link between Carly and Bartok, one that only Carly’s division director knows.

Available as ebook and paperback – $4.99/$6.99

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Brianna and the Three

Brianna and the Three

In the distant future, a woman is kidnapped, and it falls to Archangel Brianna Pandora to rescue her. An officer in the Angel Corps, Brianna is responsible for defending Earth, it’s colonies and citizens, as well as training newer Corps members. When given the assignment, she thinks there won’t be any difficulty. However, when tracing the victim’s last known movements, Brianna finds there may be more to the kidnapping than she first thought. Tracking the victim to a distant colony world, Brianna must deal not only with her own insecurities but with the Three, mythological warriors who may or may not exist.

Available in ebook from Smashwords, ebook and paperback from Amazon, $3.99/$5.39

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