19 September 2018

Thinking of driving back into something from my youth…


Timeline / 16 September 2018

All my stories take place in the same universe, with a history stretching from just before the Big Bang to the mid-80th century. I put together this timeline in order to keep the stories in order, and to help place future stories in the history.

Starting with Upon A Far Distant Shore, I will be including this in each new book.


13.8 Billion Years + 1 Day

“The End of Seconds” (Campfire Stories)

Sometime in the distant past

“Games of Life and Cold” (Campfire Stories)


“If You Listen Softly…” (Campfire Stories)

“With Eyes Open…” (With Eyes Open…)


“All My Yesterdays, Remembered” (Campfire Stories)


“Symmetry” (Campfire Stories)


Upon A Far Distant Shore


“Signpost” (Campfire Stories)


On A Cold Wind (Chapter One Only)


(August) “Last Light” (Campfire Stories)

(October) On A Cold Wind (Chapter Two Onward)


Wanderer (Coming Soon)


(April) Stranger (Coming Soon)

(June) Raven (Coming Soon)


“The Shape of the Truth” (Campfire Stories)


“A Voice in the Darkness” (With Eyes Open…)




The Fault Lies Not…


A Bright Symmetry


Brianna and the Three

13 September 2018

I want to continue editing “Raven”…and I want to work on “My Soul To Keep”…and “In Thine Own Image”…and “Under the Dark of the Moon”…and “The Fast Fading Light”…and “To See Beyond The Veil”…and “Ashes of the Past”…and “Dissembler”…all at the same time…I sigh deeply

Trying Something New On YouTube

This is the first test of something new I want to do with the channel. Instead of just talking about writing in general, I want to try reading some of the shorter stories, scenes from some of the longer works, maybe even some things that I started but never really got anywhere with. This was an impromptu test done the other night, reading the story “With Eyes Open…”, which is the title piece of the first book. It’s a bit rough, and I know I have to practice speaking clearly. But let me know what you all think.

You Are Cordially Invited… 💛

You Are Cordially Invited… 💛

Phoebe, MD: Poetry & Medicine

Dear friends, 

It is no secret that I value this WordPress community and that I enjoy each one of your wonderful blogs. Therefore, today will be a Meet-and-Greet, where I welcome each of you to promote yourself here.

The guidelines are simple and are as follows:

  1. Leave a comment on this post with your blog’s name, a description, and a link to either your homepage and/or your favorite post. 
  2. Take a minute to browse the other comments and to visit some of the blogs listed. 
  3. If you would like, share this post with others so that your readers can participate as well. 
  4. Feel free to revisit this post as many times as you want today to see who else has been added!

As you know, WordPress is filled with wonderful bloggers and talented writers. I encourage everyone to be open to meeting someone new today and to help…

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So, I’ve Got This YouTube Channel…

Hey, anyone remember that I have a YouTube channel?


I used to do regular Facebook Live streams, talking about each of the books, my writing in general, things like that. I haven’t done anything with it in about a year, mostly because I ran out of things to say.

Now, I have some plans.

I have an idea about something to do with the channel. I’m thinking of recording vids of me reading either a story from the first three collections, or scenes from the other books, intersperced with other vids, again talking about the books, the history of my fictional universe or writing in general.

It won’t be anything too sophisticated, just me and my phone. Maybe this will help generate some interest in the books.

Not sure when this is going to start.

What do you think?