11 November 2018 – New Video

New video up, a brief overview of my first self-published book, With Eyes Open…, and it’s two stories, “With Eyes Open…” and it’s unintended sequel, “A Voice in the Darkness.”

Find it here: https://youtu.be/2hA1mL68RAU


11 November 2018

I remember a time when Democrats and Republicans would at least act in a civil manner in public…I remember a time when you could honestly dislike or criticize a movie or television show without being called a racist, sexist, homophobe (or whatever other kind of -ist or -phobe you can come up with)…I remember when the main goal of movies and television shows was not to push an agenda, but to entertain…I remember when people with opposing viewpoints points could have a disagreement but still respect each other…

…I remember civility…

…I think I’m the only one who does…

18 October 2018

I’ve decided to start taking my YouTube channel more seriously. I had started a couple of years ago doing Facebook Live streams, then posting the video to YouTube. Now, I’m going straight to YouTube. I’ll be talking about my books, my writing process, writing in general, books in general. I’m also going to try reading some of the shorter stories, as well as excerpts from the longer works. I’ll try to get something up regularly. The videos will be a little rough, since I don’t have a webcam or editing software. It’s just me and my phone. So check out what’s there now, if you like. Hopefully, there’ll be some interesting content coming soon.